Greece Autumn ’17: Second Home

August – November 2017

I write this on Sunday 12th November. It’s almost 10am and we’re still in pyjamas. Kingsley is watching ‘Paw Patrol’ and I’m feeding him his current favourite breakfast combo (glass of water followed by a banana then organic milk, crusty bread and a pink apple; he’s burping frequently).

When he woke Kingsley asked where about is Ba-Bāh. After a week together the Hartley boys are tight. Soon we will be back in Dubai with him my NiNiì. No use explaining to Linus that yesterday Erroll and JiaJia left because there were only two seats left on the daily Emirates flight departing Athens…and the chance of getting those tickets were slim being concession tickets.

Either today or tomorrow we two will join them in Dubai and begin our preparations for the annual Hartley family USA Thanksgiving holiday. More airports. But for now, Paw Patrol and lazy Sunday sleep ins…