18-01-18 Leni from Hummingbird

Thursday 18th January 2018\

Miss Josephine taught Kingsley’s class back in 2014 through 2015 when he was a lamb attending Hummingbird along with his tiny mates, one of which we met today at the beach. Leni the half German half Kurdish red head and her school teacher mum Suzanne, husband Toby and their 2 year old Max were playing at our favourite beachside playground when Kingsley began chattering to them, showing his ‘cut finger’ and explaining how it is better now; how he is now 4 years old and that his birthday was in December. His eye forever on the prize – to play with another little person, and in this case the cute daughter of this nice mum on rollerblades – Kingsley asked very politely ‘would you like to play with me?’  to which the little girl answered YES, and off they skipped to the pirate ship.

Of course us mummas begin the chat. And it turns out that our kids are the same age, exactly (her daughter turned 4 on December 13th). So conversation lead to ethnicities and mother tongues (German, Kurdistan, Greek, Dutch, American) as well as where we all live (us: DIFC; them: Al Diyafa 2nd December St), then on to where the kiddies go to nursery or school. Within four minutes we uncover that Leni and Kingsley were nursery mates! At Hummingbird together under the care of their teacher Miss Josephine!

Immediately numbers are exchanged, photos are taken and promises made to meet up. A fantastic way to spend the afternoon. And a wonderful start to Kingsley’s day as well, with Aayan our neighbour’s boy popping in to play for a couple of hours. Here they are creating pyramids from the disposable cups that were left over from my birthday party picnic…