30-07-18 Day 1 Anima Club Camp

Monday 30th July 2018

A note to friends about sending the champ off to summer camp:


good morning from Greece! I  am a HAPPY MUMMA! For today is the start of SPORTS CAMP. Dropped Kingsley off at 8:45am left him in the capable hands of Mixăli the Camp Director + young bouncy Georgia Camp Leader for 4-5 year olds and Sotīri the Sports Master.

I’ll fetch him at 4:30pm and let you know how it goes!

Camilla, Rio hi!

Hi gaylords. Every child’s fantasy – in a play area for the day. Kiddo emjoyed his first day at Camp. According to Mr. Sotīri Kingsley exceled at ‘Survivor’ but sucks at soccer. In a state of delirium. Out at 7:45pm after a book. I’ll put the alarm for 7:45 as an experiment – to see if he lasts that long in bed. Shall report back. He got starch tonight for dinner – baked potatoes and rice then a banana. And his nose is burnt.