Kingsley: 8-12-13 Swaddling

They say that newborns like the feeling for being swaddled up tight: arms crossed over their wee chests; legs up high to their bellies, and their entire bodies encased in warm blankets.

We decided to swaddle Kingsley Charles for the very first time the morning after he was born. Our dear friend Camilla brought the child a cocoon: zip up front and all-in-one body suit that prevents arms from flailing and legs from their uncontrollable kicks. Plus the warmth of many such layers imitates the salty warm water bath of his amniotic life aquatic.

Once swaddled, Kingsley settled down and with sleepy eyes finally closed, our newborn could rest like he did in his mumma’s watery cocoon for the first 40 weeks of his little life…

Swaddled bebe: day after Kingsley is born

Swaddled bebe: day after Kingsley is born



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