14-01-21 Twins: Tzatziki for Breakfast

Thursday 14th January 2021

The babies wake at a very reasonable hour, 8am, and extremely jolly. They’re playful and cute. Keanu with his πιπίλα firmly attached to his mouth, Elektra waking first rolling onto me alerting all of us she needs a wee. “Wee!” she says. Keanu parrots her.

Erroll is working a four sector day today so left early bringing me Keanu at 6:30am who cries and cries for “Ndaddy! Ndaddy!” Sobbing and inconsolable I’m fretful he’ll wake Elektra as I do not deal well with early starts. She remains asleep, I successfully soothe our youngest and into the land of nod be drifts.

Our morning is made up of scrubbing the bathroom and eating a mix of pasta, chicken veges & rice, and a big bowl full of τζατζίκι. Spoonfuls of it both babies lap up the garlic goodness. Who would’ve thought! Keanu won’t be fed; preferring to use a teaspoon to fish out carrot and corn from the πιλάφι. Next he enjoys cold spiralli pasta smothered in τζατζίκι.

Mum and I still in awe of Elektra who prefers to go without a nappy so that she may take herself to the bathroom for a wee. Favouring the shower recess to wee, Elektra opens the bathroom door, pulls open the shower screen, steps in and goes! I only know about it after the fact when she comes finds me. “Μαμά, wee!” she enthuses, points in the direction of our loo, and takes my hand leading me there to have a look myself.