Back in Dubai: 7 months at home

September 2015

How do I accurately convey to you the satisfaction I experience now that I am immersing myself into fulltime life with Kingsley? I mean, totally submitting to it. You know it has taken me this long – seven months – to feel completely at ease with my ‘routine’ (which to be honest is no routine…cause I don’t actually need a routine.)

Twenty four hours of the day playing with my little champ, eating when we want, sleeping when we care to, and even stay up late. Why the devil not? My corporate heels are collecting dust and I know for a fact those high street three piece suits would not fit onto my calf let alone up my expanded thigh. So its funsies all day for us Hartleys. Mainly in our pyjamas!

Here we are during the September 2015 food festival hosted by Galleries Lafayette, the invitation to which was given to us by our Dubai girl Rio…

Galleries Lafayette 001

Galleries Lafayette 008 Galleries Lafayette 022 Galleries Lafayette 027