16-10-20 Kingsley: Hugging

Friday 16th October 2020

So much love Kingsley has for his brother and sister these days. Now that he’s not playing app games on my phone he has time to actually embrace them.

This morning before school it was affection all round. Firstly Kings races into my room alarmed that Keanu is crying; left all by himself and ‘where’s DAD?!’. Erroll is working (yay! Damn coronavirus) so left Kingsley and Keanu asleep together in bed but this rational explanation did not sit well with Kingsley. Hurry, the baby is CRYING!

So I haul myself out of bed which immediately sets Elektra off crying now I have three children bellowing all before I can pry open my eyes.

Still the morning ends well because Kingsley is fed, dressed for school and deposited there before the bell tolls all with lunch and full water bottle in bag. Plus the love he has for Elektra I got to witness…