Kingsley: Afternoon Pick Up

Monday 4th August 2014

A full four months of institutionalized play has Kingsley benefitted from. Not one regret do we as parents even contemplate for enrolling our four month old son into Hummingbird Nursery – one of the best (and let it be known, most expensive) nurseries in Dubai. Our boy is confident, strong and always smiling. Kingsley loves attending what must be to him an endless smorgasbord of games, activities, sensations and colour. He instantly goes to his carers each time we drop him off; not a tear to be seen (other than ours!)

Picking him is especially a treat because Erroll and I make it a point to sneak up on him as he interacts with the other babies or rolls about in the soft play area, watch his behavior from a distance, then catch him unawares by calling his nickname. “NiNii!” Without fail our son turns his head toward the sound. Best sight in the world, this afternoon pick up…



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