24-10-17 Home Sick

Tuesday 24th October 2017

A first: Linus is home sick. The preschool won’t have him today because of his high temperature yesterday and their paranoia that measles will strike the school. The recent outbreak of this highly contagious virus among children in Attika has got school principals and health authorities duly nervous. And so Kingsley must stay home. And I play loving Mumma and stern Teacher all day long.

He slept early last night. Down by 6pm and out till 8:30am today. Twice up during the night (once for a good dose of Adol then once to do a wee) he seems much better today. And we stay indoors mostly drawing and completing puzzles though cabin fever set in at 3pm so we fled the apartment to play at the park for a few hours.

Tonight Kingsley slept like a champion: down by 6pm and up again at 7:30 with very fiber of his being yelling ‘is it school yet?’ It sure is!