17-03-18 Ned, Billy & Linus

Saturday 17th March 2018

Waa!! Today is my reunion with Beth Powditch in Oma’s home. Like a dream: two Old Girls taking turns sharing tales decades after we had last seen one another.

1) breakfast of fried eggs, sour dough bread & a glass of milk is Kingsley’s staple and necessary start while in town but today we forego it to hit Bangalow markets. He’s defo bored as Tina and I inspect bunches of basil and select overpriced tomatoes that will go on tonight’s pizza.

2) while Oma completes domestic chores at home Linus and I walk up to the village. Not having walked 5 meters we meet young Tallulah her dad Niles and their two delightfully friendly hounds Jack & Puppy. Niles obliged Kingsley who confidently greets them all, begins chatting then goes for preschooler gold: asks most politely to ‘walk the dog’. As a new crew we all then walk into town, cross the road and enter  Chou Chou Patisserie. Kids get baby Chino while I hop on wifi.

3) By 1:30pm Kingsley’s got two new mates, swimming buddies and explorers – Beth Powditch’s sons Ned & Buddy. They’re all over each other diving in the water, floating on the swan, flipping the pool noodle. They bond, and enjoy a picnic of muffins & scones before diving in again. Beth brings her sons, sticker tatoos (‘Hey Douggie’ ones no less), bubble maker wand and muffins. Ned leaves much later but the 7 year old is still having a blast with Kingsley and he stays till late. Beth & I catch up, get soaked by our youngest, drink champagne by the pool.