10-01-18 MOE with Aamrat

Wednesday 10th January 2018

Today was a new experience for Kingsley: a coffee date with Miss Min and her son Aamrat; no Haarleen to be seen! He took it very well in fact – being face to face with his besties’s baby brother but not his loyal girl. In fact he gave Aamrat a toy car to play with and enjoyed a mug of warm milk while drawing and colouring in.

We’re not really used to outdoor pursuits early in the (mid) morning. Min could meet at 10 and even though I stuffed two eggs down Kingsley’s throat before leaving, so therefore feeling very chuffed at my parental efficiency, the kiddo stopped me at the front door with pleas of ka-ka, KA-KAA!!

The usual routine followed: sit on loo, read a book, chatter away to himself, sing a song, smile at me like a lunatic. Bless him!

We rush off to the metro, alight at Mall of the Emirates, find Hummingbird Cafe and chill till Miss Min and Aamrat turn up. Of course Haarleen is never far from Kingsley’s thoughts so presented Min with a pressie for her: a drinking straw, signed by Kingsley with love to Haarleen

That evening Min contacts me to tell me she gave her daughter the wrapped, signed drinking straw – a present from Kingsley. Well didn’t she get mad with her …AND WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE ME WITH YOU TO SEE KINGSLEY TODAY, MUMMY??!!