Kingsley: Playdate

Saturday 28th June 2014

I have read that play is crucial for a baby’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. It’s their way of learning about the body they are attached to and the world around them, and they’ll use all five senses to do it-play, that is- especially in the first year.

With that in mind (and a great need to meet up with my Dubai mummy friends) I invited baby Harrison over, along with his mum Kate, for a playdate. The six month old and a five month old barely clocked one another but they did once or twice attempt to scooch closer and touch. Don’t know whether the babies enjoyed the playdate buy I can certainly vouch for the parents!

Now pass me my wine…

Harrison 004

Man to man: King and Harrison make contact on the quilt Erroll’s granma Bonnie made for him 35 years ago.

Harrison 002

King and Harrison play on grandma Bonnie’s quilt, made for Erroll 35 years ago.

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