16-03-18 The Pass

Friday 16th March 2018

Our magnificent Byron Bay Lighthouse walk is here! After eggs sunnyside up wit sourdough bread and a milk chaser we’re en route to the glorious jungle lined beach.

At first Kingsley is super keen to explore then he spots a playground so his enthusiasm for the 1.7km walk is immediately diminished. He drags his heels however once we turn a leafy corner and spot the rolling surf he’s revived. Shirt comes off and from excitement we must christen the place. Mercifully for the wandering wild bush turkeys pecking about the grounds, a fully equipped loo is right here, at The Pass.

Then we body surf for an hour (not really; I just bob about). He is as happy as a child who has first discovered swimming water. I’ve not seen Kingsley more delighted to throw himself in the surf. Kids everywhere are on long boards and surf boards pushed into the waves by tanned dads. He doesn’t want to leave the surf. Cries hard and stomps but when he spots Oma beneath the canopy he rushes gladly to her.

Its back to the playground for a spell then bananas & an apple for lunch, a shop then another playground opposite Inosha’s house in Bangalow for the afternoon.

Non stop action right up to a final dip in Oma’s pool, spag bol and a short spell watching ABCKids.