04-03-19 Twins: Stinky Bums

Monday 4th March 2019

This morning the entire household is assaulted by shrill cries and stinky bums.  Simultaneously Elektra and Keanu stir, wake, whine, whinge then bellow. They are belting out a series of cries (along with their farts and poos) which bring big brother rushing in. Kingsley wants to help them! The bebĕ are CRYING, daddy!’ Distressed he invites Erroll in to the milking chamber who swoops in to deal with the loudest twin, Elektra.

Sleepyhead Keanu we’ll leave for the minute as Kingsley has school in exactly one hour and needs an adult. That strange and hectic one hour is a whirl; every morning is. Things get done – EVERYTHING gets done – because I’m on a hormone high, Dora pitches in with school lunches and Erroll has full responsibility of Linus.

But he does have a few moments dedicated to his youngest once Kingsley is deposited into Miss P’s purple class room. In our back yard…

Looking into the future – November 2019