22-01-18 Oz Day 1

Monday 22nd January 2018

Darling in Brisbane & OMA!

and we are comfy and well. Today was nuts. Jeremy Adam Aleka all over for a wild day party; its midnight now and they’ve all gone. Kingsley was in bliss. Jeremy took him to the park to kick the footie around for a couple hours. At another stage of the day Adam set up two hoses & they has a water fight using the high pressure hoses. Aleka gave Kingsley her old art sets so they did craft for a couple hours. The pool got set up then we all had a pool party. Dora kept us fed with a giant vat of lentil soup and an oven tray of pastītsio.

Back yard is already trashed full of bikes, trikes, mini-cars, balls & scooters.

Kingsley is snoring and i reckon this headache of mine is due to dehydration. Its warm but the southerly buster came over in the afternoon to cool us down.

Know the kiddo is happy but flips it when I say its time for a shower. He carries on and faux-cries then says ‘I want to go to Dubai to Daddy!!!!’ The rascal!

Speak again tomorrow Tina -on your landline after we both get on with the administration of life.

Aliki xxx