16-08-20 Twins: Strawberries at Sydney Park

Sunday 16th August 2020

Its berries season in Australia! We’re really enjoying blueberries and 🍓 on the daily. Kingsley didn’t really get a taste for berries while we lived in Dubai as the price was criminal.

At the same age as Keanu – pictured here literally scoffing two strawberries at a time – Kingsley only got bananas and apples poor luv.

Our day begins dubiously with Keanu taking a wee in my bedroom. Can’t the kiddo wait to wee in his nappy? Nope; took the opportunity when I wasn’t looking to wee in the corner…then wee some more delighting at the arc of his trajectory. Oh well, my bedroom was overdue for a mop anyhow.

Joyous afternoon in the warm winter sun followed the mopping and 4 baskets of washing and hanging. Desi is on twins duty, hand feeding them roast chicken then spoon feeding them vanilla icecream with hundreds & thousands. The kids are once again ragdolls in her capable hands.