21-10-20 Twins: Sydney Park

Wednesday 21st October 2020

Glorious Spring day to wander about Sydney Park sans pram but avec puppies. The puppies are sweet and enjoy strolling side by side with the twins, Jennifer Henry & I talk non stop, up and down hills into bird sanctuaries and Lilly ponds the twins almost follow now muddy dogs.

On our return we have a mutiny: neither dog nor child will take a step further. Tears and thrown bodies to the ground! Babies can’t walk any further, not a metre more. So I run. I run back to the Cafe fetch the pram and run back only to find a picnic: Jen’s two dogs lounging, the babies drinking their milk, drop feeding the dogs drop of milk everyone calm and sopping wet in the nappies. And no one has napped yet.

So a bit more of a picnic, some nudie time, dressing protestations but nothing that fresh milk in bottles won’t fix. Into the prams then good night Elektra. She’s the easy sleeper. Keanu is next.