11-11-19 Keanu: With Mama

Monday 11th November 2019

Last night I decided to spend today with Keanu. I just feel that I’m not giving him enough of myself since Elektra is attached to my boob at night and Kingsley needs a parent for reading and playing during daylight hours. Keanu gets the best of daddy at for sleepy times and γιαγιά during the day but balance must be restored.

So once awake (which is 12:30 after noon; damn this jetlag!) I ask Erroll to take Elektra to γιαγιά and bring me Keanu in Linus’ huge bed. Big smile frommy big boy! Cuddles and romping on the bed! Squeals and squeaks from him! An absolutely delightful sweet mildly tempered child I’m kissing all over his fat cheeks. I can’t get enough of Keanu!

So he comes with me to fetch Kingsley from school, after his short nap. We walk to school, catch the 313, take Linus to jiu-jitsu, go for a shop, buy Laban (blueberry) and between my boys one litre is finished. And we visit Scott at the saloon!