21-08-19 Twins: Flu Booster

Wednesday 21st August 2019

Flu Booster day! Twins are extra excited to go in the car, for a ride with mumma and daddy (always have enjoyed car rides these two) and even doze off. I hold Keanu, Erroll holds sleeping Elektra into the doctors surgery where the front desk ladies ooh and aah over them.

Even when woken Elektra doesn’t cry. So sweet, she just snuggles deeper into arms and doesn’t utter a sound. Erroll’s smitten; a daughter to protect, to loce, to feed has provided him a privilege like no other. Meanwhile Keanu plays the blindingly bright spark with the most darling “O” for an open mouth when ever he hss something to say to the receotion ladies.

These six months as babies they’ve rarely cried unless left too long by themselves. [No body likes loneliness.] Today is no different: even as the needles go into chunky thighs, neither baby so much as blinks. Held tight and well protected by mumma and daddy, nurse injects, we squeeze them in, and give them a kiss. Band-aids are applied and our babies are now protected from Influenza A.