05-06-20 Twins: Soft Play

Friday 5th June 2020

While Kingsley’s at school I get to spend time with these bubbas. Erroll and I of course attempt to nap them in the car en route to historic La Perouse but as usual it’s Elektra who goes down easily, Keanu fighting the sleep hard so much so he’s crying and needs a hand on his face to calm down.

At La Perouse we stroll in the chilly sunshine. I’d consider today the perfect winter’s day, Erroll’s first time here so why not celebrate with a decent decaf from The Boat Shed while the babies suck on squeezie yoghurts.

Off to Eastgardens to shop with these babies in the arvo while Erroll collects Linus from school, we break into the infant soft play area completely disregarding the Covid-19 sign which clearly state ‘Play Area is Closed’…but I noticed the door wasn’t locked! So here we played till Erroll picked us up.