04-05-17 One Week without TV

Thursday 4th May 2017

Here is an email I sent Kingsley’s Ba-Bāh and Oma tonight…

Dear Familia,

today marks one week since 1) my meeting with the preschool principal Miss Sophia regarding Kingsley’s classroom behaviour and 2) that Television has been absent from our lives.


The TV has been permanently unplugged and its replacement is fun, games, puzzles, reading books, drawing, tracing and many outdoor pursuits climbing, exploring, swimming and kicking round a ball.

One week ago Miss Sophia expressed her concern for the school’s newest member – one they’ve enjoyed receiving – yet were having trouble understanding his psychology. As Miss Sophia explained to me, for as much as Kingsley’s social traits, language development and physical aptitude are ahead for his age, his ability to concentrate, take instruction and basically obey/listen to the teacher is well under developed. In fact a particular type of agitation of his – not grasping authority then acting out to the beat of his own drum with zero consideration of classmates or his two teachers – drove her to ask me questions around our homelife routine.

Well its been a full week of our new routine and with today’s followup meeting with Miss Sophia I am proud to say that his behaviours in the classroom and in the playing yard – among teachers and fellow students – is markedly improved. He even received an award for most improved!

Here is our wee star wearing of course Oma Fashion to school. Love Aliki