28-09-17 Squad

Thursday 28th September 2017

Since JiaJia Dora came home from the playground yesterday enthusing over the quality of mums, dads, JiaJia’s, Papoù’s and preschoolers there, I knew today after school that’s where Kingsley and I would head. Even though I wanted to explore the Saronītha mountains just beyond our church (a good hike for 3 hours would make a difference to my bum) the kiddo had other ideas.

In fact straight off the school bus Kingsley asked for us to go to the pediki harā. Now. Not later, nor after a walk to the Foūrno. And not after a stroll at the beach. Right now. So he leads me by the hand and in through the gates we go. Immediately spotting some new friends (evidently made yesterday while with JiaJia Dora) he claps and jumps and with the widest smile tells me his friends are already here! His friends.

And just as he said, the little friends came from everywhere. A Konstandīno, a Giorgio, a Phædon then the girls: an Ismīrni (with her very popular tweety bird backpack) and a Pavlīna all making up Kingsley’s squad. And all playing solidly (with barely any tears!) from 3:30 till 6:45pm