29-01-21 Kingsley: Year 2

Friday 29th January 2021

Most reluctantly Kingsley approaches Year 2 citubg3a nervousness of what is to come. What will it be like? Lots of hard work? Who will be in my class? Where will my friends be?

I of course don’t let him near my phone since today Year 2 begins. He whines but knows so skips off to eat pasta and eggs, not much mind you since he’s not glued to the phone.

In a Tupperware labelled for Miss Sanzari and signed by Kingsley are lots of brownie cookies for his class. Declaring it an embarrassment to be offering Miss Sanzari cookies Kingsley protests then reluctant takes the Tupperware to school. I am sure he will be popular with the children over morning tea.

He does good sharing cookies and scribing his very first Year 2 attempt at creating writing, all about Oma avd Bangalow and her pool over the summer break.