29-05-19 Kingsley: Greek Class

Wednesday 29th May 2019

Who would have guessed that every single classroom at Coogee Public is actually used for some sort of after school care / extracurricular lessons. Ours is Room 3N for Greek language class. Its a firm favourite of Kingsley’s to attend Δεσποινίς Ευγενία’ς lessons mainly because Alex is also attending. Just 7 kids of varying grasp of the language.

I stayed outside in the hall during the lesson mainly because I had to feed my sidekick but then Elektra did a poo and my happy smiling girl turned squeeky which startled Kingsley. As I was washing Elektra’s bum I overheard his teacher command he sit back down; he was out the door searching for his sister. I of course hit among the tiny tables and chairs outside the school counsellor’s office muffling Elektra. He didn’t see us.