05-05-19 Twins: Adoni

Sunday 5th May 2019

Its wet and windy today. None of us are in the mood for walks or even a shop at Woolies something Elektra and I often do. Nope; the twins remain at home while big brother Kingsley tries his hand at rugby league. Adoni our dearest friend up from Melbourne plays guncle at the game, witnessing our child score three trys and win Man of the Match!

I stay home all morning mooching about in pyjamas awaiting our friend Chris Selth to come over. Elektra doesn’t let me sleep in (or much); she’s high needs and even higher emotion. That voice tells me often ‘pick me up’ which I do as babies crying for extended periods of time is plain cruel. I sure picked her up non stop all night, boobing away then gently laying her in her bassinet lest she WAKE. Throughout the midmorning any adult about carries her around over the shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Keanu our quiet achiever is a cuddly koala. Not even a boo we hear but should one of us take away his bottle or a boob, he is incensed! Tells us all about it!

Well today the twins got Adoni as company for the third day in a row. Here to stay with us he’s more into Kingsley than the wee smiling tots but still its another cuddly adult they will always have in their lives.