12-01-20 Twins: Smoke

Sunday 12th January 2020

Rained last night. Big fat juicy droplets of rain coming down hard drenching our garden beds. By morning everything is soaked and the air unbreathable: our bushfires go on burning half of NSW though it seems some have been put out so much smoke that there is outside.

Still I take Freudle out for a couple of hours for I can’t cope too well with him fighting his naps. Why he fights them is a mystery and no amount of ibuprofen seems to calm his nervous system down enough to pass out today. So out we go, leaving Elektra with γιαγιά.

At 11 months these rascals own 4 teeth each, enjoy greek yoghurt, κουλουράκια to chomp on and SHOULD be napping twice a day. Still I’m not too stressed over the naps since last night they each received over 13 hours sleep!

Here they are loving trampoline life though its not all bright lights and jingle bells. Today 1) Elektra shit on the carpet in the nursery while Kingsley read to us; 2) Elektra vomited on the quilt in Kingsley’s room, and 3) Keanu vomited all over me prompting a shower both of us fully clothed.