22-04-19 Elektra: Zoo #2

Monday 22nd April 2019

Its Elektra’s second visit to Taronga Zoo and she slept soundly in her Ergobaby all the hours of our trek right through to closing. A couple of times I sensed hunger so the little lady got milk on demand then slept again immediately after. Our first boobing session of the day begins at the farmyard friends enclosure. Kingsley feeds the she-goat banana peel while I breastfeed Elektra adjacent to the domestic cockroach display.

Time to leave the zoo. So far so good we hear nothing but silence in the back seat Kingsley every now and again stuffing a πιπίλα in her quivering mouth. Nothing more sinister than a grumble.  Big bro Kingsley wants to play at Memory Park so we stop there and the lads play. Hunger strike Elektra’s tummy. Boobing sess #2 this time in the car listening to CLASSIC FM.