10-11-19 Twins: At Home

Sunday 10th November 2019

Attempting to get three rascals into a routine after 5 weeks abroad is proving very difficult. So I’m just going with the flow. Today’s flow involves napping Elektra, then napping Keanu then non stop feeding them, asking Kingsley to play with the babies / not smother Bulla frozen yoghurt over their faces, getting them all down for bed.

We don’t leave the house though we make it to the back yard, breaking out stacking cups and sorting shapes games. Elektra falls asleep in γιαγιάς arms as she softly sings ‘Μπάρμπα Γιάννη με της σταμνες’. Keanu falls asleep in my arms desperate for a mattress because I forgot to put him down for his afternoon nap poor kid. Last night Elektra was up at 3am hungry.

Day 3 home and its still no routine. Jet lag be gone already.