16-02-16 Balloons

Thursday 16th February 2017

Lately Kingsley has developed a very specific phobia – it has to do with balloons although he is mad about blown up balloons. In fact he insists we have blown up balloons in the house at any one time. His phobia has to do with the blowing up of balloons or when we let out air. He thrashes about and loses his wits. Naturally Kingsley’s father plays tricks on him and has a laugh.

Today Erroll agreed to blow up a balloon in another room but snuck into the loungeroom as Kingsley sat waiting. Aw, didnt we hear the howls and saw the legitimate shock, injury and confusion of this little soul when he heard the sounds of a balloon being blown up…then let out. Felt a bit sorry for him. And of course I scolded Erroll. Never again will he frighten his little man, promised Erroll…