12-03-20 Kingsley: With Daddy

Thursday 12th March 2020

Apart from the 45 minutes we spent together this morning and 45 minutes at night, I’ve not seen much of you. Its the daddy and Linus show these days and more so since you turned 6. Its as if you’re learning to be a man and you’re getting all the clues from Erroll (for better or for worse). Some days you’re stern with me and even yell at me. I of course let loads slip to the keeper but there are some items not open to negotiations: reading together both me being read to and I reading to you; doing maths and projects, practising together and spelling words. Tonight in bed while daddy puts the little people to bed, you and I make progress on a few pages in the Age 6-7 Activities Book Stephanie Matis gave us. Hands down you prefer maths to English. Comprehension questions at first interest you then bore you. I’m pleasantly surprised how good you are at subtraction.

But if you are faced with a choice between study and play we ALL know what you’d choose: play! Here we are at the Eastgate parents room after daddy takes you to jiu-jitsu among all the kids getting stuck into screen time.