13-02-19 Kingsley: Dental Pediatrix

Wednesday 13th February 2019

Today marks three weeks that Kingsley is a big brother to his tiny siblings. By 8am he is in bed with us: its cramped, loud, noisy and eight legs and eight arms, its bloody dangerous! A couple of near misses I witness but I’m too sleep deprived to even raise an eyelid.

As is our family routine I stay in bed to tend to the crazy twins while daddy dresses, feeds and walks Kingsley to school. Today the lads are also off to the dentist: Dental Pediatrix in Bondi Junction. With a yellow permission slip from the office Erroll is allowed to take Kingsley out of Miss Penousis’ class for a couple of hours.

Erroll of course sends me minute by minute updates the most important of which are:

1) Kingsley upon entering the clinic feels right at home, choosing a dinosaur book to read while waiting;

2) without fuss he jumps into the mini dental chair for his teeth check and clean wearing protective Mickey glasses and holding a light sabre wand mirror to watch proceedings;

3) all teeth cleaned and examined and not one requiring fillings;

4) for bravery he gets to choose a prize from the cupboard. No surprise he chooses a Hotwheels car;

5) Polaroid shot of a very satisfied customer is taken to be blu-tacked on the clinic’s wall of fame…