Greece ’18: Summer Camp

Monday 30th July 2018

After 11 straight weeks of preschool at Aeīpolis, its time to get loose…at Summer Camp! With only weekend as breaks from formal learning over this period (literally since we arrived in Saronītha), Kingsley as of today gets to experience a fun sports club for the month of August.

Day 1 went okay it seems! I snuck up on Linus playing επιτραπέζια (board games) with young Miss Γο-Γο at 4:15. He looked dishevelled, worn out, but still happy. He looked at me, said ‘hi!’ and carried on playing. Clearly didn’t miss me or dislike camp.

Mr. Sotīri would let me know later that afternoon that Kingsley is extremely sociable, capable and eager. Didn’t have much luck on the soccer pitch (very competitive European kids take football very seriously) but he blew everyone’s expectations in ‘Survivor’!

After a brief consultation with the child it is agreed that he returns tomorow. Summer camp ’18 is a hit.

Playing Backgammon with Miss ‘Go-Go’ Georgia

Walking home from Anima Club