36 Weeks: Great Hair

Pregnancy has been, and continues to be for me, a beautiful time. Even more so now at the tail end of pregnancy, even though I grow very heavy and uncomfortable in these late stages. I still blink in disbelief at the endless movement and undulations (read: hard kicks) beneath the skin of my belly. There, inside its cocoon, is Seahorse! Unbridled is my joy knowing I create life.

The physical changes I have experienced during this my first pregnancy have overwhelmed me but fortunately, most are brilliant. For example, now I can claim GREAT HAIR!

Hassan Wedding 077a

Shiny hair, for once! Its because I am pregnant. Here, at 36 weeks, getting ready as friend Camilla’s bridesmaid. 8th November 2013.

My hair continues to look luscious, and flows!. It seems to be one of the perks of pregnancy. Here is a factoid: While you are pregnant, your body holds onto your hair follicles that would normally be released. That means you get thicker, fuller hair. The only downside is that you might be getting thicker, fuller hair everywhere.

And rest assured gentle reader, that indeed this is the case for me. Mercifully I am oblivious to my hair removal needs down there – as if I can actually see any body part below my boobs these days, anyhow!!!

Great hair, for once! Its because I am preggers! At 36 weeks - bridesmaid hair for friend Camilla's wedding

Great hair, for once! Its because I am preggers! At 36 weeks – bridesmaid hair for friend Camilla’s wedding

So let me continue to enjoy flowing tresses for a little while longer. Once bebe pops out, hormones shall rage, then settle, and out will fall all my hair, once again. Great. But for now: GREAT HAIR!

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