05-06-16 Runner

Sunday 5th June 2016


Unless I am with easy going, understanding parents who ‘get’ how energetic a boy like Kingsley can be, I find that attempting to have a chilled out day at the beach is deluded wishful thinking on my part. I just become anxious to follow him around lest he cause damage. Unless he is swimming constantly, and I with him, he is on the shore running.

Today we had another eventful day a la plâge. He met a cute little 2 year old blonde girl in pink playing with 2 older girls. He instantly went to play in their space/jump in their rock pool / invade their territory.  There were initially power struggles, so the older 2 girls left to collect shells with their mum elsewhere. The little girl remained in her rock pool and proved feisty, both Kingsley and the girl at tug o war for toys.

The dad, who actually remembered us from last year as the ‘Aussie mum with the incredibly energetic toddler’ came straight out with it: his girl is a fighter who does not hold back if pushed. She has an older sister who is bossy, so has learned to stand up for herself. He said, I know your son is the same. I’m letting you know that I understand the type of kids we have but if there is all out war between them, I’ll defend my girl. Of course, I agreed that he must, because my boy often goes into beast mode. Let’s just see how they go…

So we all watched, and soon enough, both toddlers found their groove, he showed off-jumping, splashing, crazy stuff. She followed, imitating him. She laughed and his bravery and silliness. Kingsley seemed to like the attention and being encouraged along. They got on just fine.

So our man Erroll was like this hey??!! Any tactics you successfully used for your two and a half year old runner back then?

Mum says all three of us were quiet and played peacefully. But I know that’s nonsense; that’s just posturing or forgetfulness!!


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