Kingsley: Ugly Bug Ball

Thursday 26th February 2015

Miss Jade had a swell idea: to host a ball for the babies at Hummingbird, to mark the end of the month. The theme? Ugly Bug. Parents invited too! This means of course we must find Kingsley a costume to wear. And I not unexpectedly throw my hands up in surrender: Kingsley has absolutely nothing to wear, I mutter while fixing breakfast.

Well, we could recycle his Halloween pumpkin outfit (the front of which is displayed a spider) I helpfully offer, but Erroll is having none of this. And into the wardrobe he enters…only to emerge victorious! We have an outfit!! Kingsley is going to the Ugly Bug Ball dressed as a green frog!!!


Our Ugly Bug


Miss Jade


Playing with Erroll during the Ugly Bug ball



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