Kingsley: Watersports

The child is now a swim champ! Ever since turning five months of age, Kingsley has taken to the pool six times and with each swim he more and more enjoys the experience.

Kingsley at 5 months lounging poolside

Kingsley at 5 months lounging poolside

These past two swims I have introduced him to the spa. One word: BUBBLES!! He is really taken by the phenomenon of jet stream bubbles. The force of the jet propels his tiny chest upward. He actively kicks his legs and his neck cranes upward so that he can see above the fun. I am delighted that he finds each episode grand. I can tell by his wide eyes, and big gummy smile (will I ever tire of looking upon that gummy mouth?)

Gummy smiles after his swim

Gummy smiles after his swim

Here is our routine when we have an adventure up at the pool:

·       Packing for a five month old King is easy: two nappies, a fresh, new, photo-ready outfit, the camera and my bikini.

·       Kingsley needs a feed before we splash. A quick hit of the boob makes for a happy baby at the best and the worst of times anyway, and as swim-time can be initially shocking for Kingsley (the water is chilly), milk takes the edge off. So with a milkshake down his gullet, the baby is warmed up, and dizzy enough to dunk.

·        Next, remove his nappy and on goes his swimming trunk.

·         Now jump right in!

·         Splash and dance, sing and flop about in a bid to get both of us warm.

·         I can tell the child’s breath is taken away by the suddenness of being immersed, so we move about a lot. A permanent smile is plastered over my face and I am sure this goes a long way in dispelling his fears. We are now well and truly into fun mode.

·         Out we get, shower in the sun and onto the blue deck chairs to warm up.

·         Let the boy go bare: nothing better than fresh air on his pecker. He coos.

·         I wait for King’s inevitable fountain of wee before nappy. Yay! One less nappy wasted.

·         Dress the child in his finery…then its camera time!

Sun gone down after his swim.

Sun gone down after his swim.

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