Kingsley: Love Jiajia Dora

May 2014

There are good grandmothers, and there are great grandmothers and then there is Kingsley’s Jiajia Dora – the very best grandmother! I have put some thought into why my mum is so extraordinary, and here is why:


May 2014: Kingsley and his Jiajia Dora

  • She babysits: when I want to take a shower, or sit on the loo, or need to read my emails (OK OK get on Facebook).
  • She helps around the house: cooks like a pro, cleans up the kitchen, takes out the rubbish, and it is her absolute pleasure to do so!
  • She doesn’t offer unsolicited advice or her outdated opinion (much). Every now and again mum will reference how she did things back then, but I come down hard on her…we have evolved from feeding our newborns condensed milk after all.
  • Just shows up with our favourites: both Erroll and I are dealt with like royalty when it comes to yummy treats. Mum bakes ’em; we eat ’em.
  • She tell me that I am doing a great job. And you know, I think I am! And by giving me this compliment, mum is doing me the very best of service: buoying my spirits, raising my confidence and wanting her around more.

Yes, we love our Jiajia Dora, Kingsley and I…


Kingsley and hi Jiajia Dora, at the Dusti Thani, Dubai.

Kingsley and hi Jiajia Dora, at the Dusti Thani, Dubai.

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