28-11-17 Zoo Crew

Tuesday 28th November 2017

A big-emotions day today, for all of us… PawPaw, Daddy, Mumma and of course the little one who would be enduring all sorts, Kingsley. For today I transfer care of our son (who’s wee teeth I have seen ruined) to the capable hands of Dr. Tizzio.

It started out as any other day: child rises early; Erroll brings him to my bedroom; we lay/play together, but there is one glaring difference: I am not feeding Kingsley his breakfast. No banana, no apple, no breakfast cereal from the box, no milk. This difference isn’t felt at first, nor even for two hours. However by the third hour, say by 10 AM Kingsley is asking for milk. He is now asking for a banana to eat. And soon he will be crying for his milk. But he won’t be getting any. The darling must have an empty stomach for the strong analgesics he will receive at the Zoo Crew

Because I cannot bear Kingsley’s earnest cries to quench his thirst I allow him some water and even some tasty milk. Controversially straight from the bottle, while standing at the fridge door we glug away. He’s satisfied with this and PawPaw is soon driving us to Mt. Juliet where the Zoo Crew will take good care of Kingsley for the two hours we are there.

A wee mouthful of ‘Fairy Juice’ down his throat and for the next hour we watch as his usually manic energy levels begin to slow down. It seems a sedative is in that Fairy Juice and enough power to make him chilled out for his encounter with Dr. Tizzio.

One hour separates a Kingsley with deep cavities and our relaxed little man who comes out in Dr. Tizzio’s arms; one with four silver caps on his lower jaw. And from that moment on Erroll nicknames our son “Grills”..