28-01-18 Oz Day 7

Sunday 28th January 2018

Sylvia drove us to our annual cousins pool party at Roula & Pete’s place. As soon as we arrived Kingsley cuddled Peter and was very happy to be hugged by Thěa Roula. Baby Eva wanted nothing more than to show her cousin the toy box and soon enough the little ones are doing their own thing.

Jake & Mia arrive next and with four under five in cosy quarters it gets LOUD so we feed the kiddies then usher them outside. Jake is mega happy to have another wild joker among the crowd; the two boys getting along really well. They’re riding bikes, drawing with chalk, building Lego. And licking ice blocks.

But its hot and the pool is cool and the first one in is Kingsley. Little champ shows how he swims unaided though is a brute launching himself into the water with abandon. Beautiful Marissa looks after him with intent, all afternoon ensuring a) he doesn’t drown and b) he doesn’t drown anyone else. They float on the li-lo chatting away to one another.

By the evening the kids are done with swimming, exhausted, semi-nude and needing some YouTube relaxation on the leather couch…