10-02-20 Kingsley: Beach Closed

Monday 10th February 2020

Get called into the school today: come pick up Kingsley; he’s been ill and best yuy bring a change of clothing for him… Is thr message Joanne from Admin relays. Be there in half an hour, Joanne. Pick him up outside the office she informs me.

And sure enough seated quietly there is Kingsley wearing clothes other than his own. He’s okay though: no signs of vomiting or diarrhoea, just a pair of fresh stripe Y-front undies on beneath pants 2 sizes too big.

I insist he’s out of school clothes immediately and into beach gear before having walked out the gates. Flip flops on feet we are off to buy white chocolate Magnuns, Linus’ favourite.

Can’t put my finger on what he ate to cause the explosive diarrhoea (eggs perhaps?) but to make up for it we visit the Beach: the closed beach in fact. Only surfers are allowed in the water, Kings going up to his shins, that’s how dangerous the rips are.