13-02-19 22 Days Young

Wednesday 13th February 2019

Today Linus visits the dentist. To be honest I’m nervous about what the dentist will find. Even with brushing God known what grows. The Zoo Crew in Nashville found all sorts on five of his wee teeth and geez I paid the price for my lapse of parenting duties.

Erroll is accompanying the child to Dental Pediatrix at Bondi while I tend to the rest of our brood, boobing and pumping for the entire day. Don’t be fooled by the angelic faces of these two; their roars are loud abd their demands can’t be ignored!

Elektra wants to be held constantly. When laying down for the night she prefers to snuggle side by side. (I prefer this too rather than her carrying on). Keanu these days enjoys watching the overhead fans after a feed. He likes his arms tightly tucked in, burrito styles.

Here they are. My baby burritos…