29-11-19 Kingsley: Jiu-jitsu

Friday 29th November 2019

After school we jiu-jitsu but before then we run amok with friends. Today its with James and his whacked out dad. I encourage Linus to walk on grass barefoot, to roll about it and attempt handstands. James is all for action as well: they can handle each other’s insanity. Meanwhile Keanu is entranced by these big kids and wants part of the action. Even bashed about a bit by the boys Keanu doesn’t cry.

To our surprise the yellow whistle we lost the other day playing at this exact spot on the corner of Coogee Bay Rd & Carrington is hanging from a tree. Generous Kingsley offers it to his mate to take home. They hug farewell and we are off to flatten the kids in Jiu-jitsu.