14-07-16 Artist at Work

14th July 2016

I’d always heard of ‘messy play’ during my child’s lifetime, but I never really gave it much heed. After all, his year at Hummimgbird Nursery provided Kingsley ample opportunity to touch and play with paint materials…but that was over a year ago and after hearing tales of other toddlers’ abilities to draw circles, handle paint brushes and even create painted pieces of art, I knew that it was time for our boy to give painting a go.

Friends, the Amandeeps, a while ago gave Kingsley an easel which through brute strength, he managed to smash and break (?). While it was still upright and functional he would use chalk on its one side, and pen on the whiteboard other side. Hours of fun. Of course it had to be disposed of when he Hulk Hogan’d it. Today these thoughtful friends gave him two boxed sets of painting materials: sponges, brushes and tubs of brightly coloured water-based paints.

Not willing to dry clean our furniture yet again, he is ushered out onto the balcony with the lure of the paint, a bucket of water and ample white paper. Here, Kingsley can do no harm to our apartment but I am sure those soft sponges have a short shelf life in his dexterous little hands…

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