18-01-20 Kingsley: Τασούλα

Saturday 18th January 2020

We’re back into the swing of jiu-jitsu so even though he’d rather sleep in (me snuggled next to my big boy) daddy is ready to drive Kingsley up to the Dojo. I of course get up to in order to feed the kid before class. That’s my commitment. And obediently Kingsley receives his two eggs sunny side up, two rashers bacon, one sausage, some pasta and a sip of milk.

Daddy reports back you are a machine in class. The cooked breakfast worked!

In the arvo, daddy drives us to the retirement village as a family. We’re off to pay Τασούλα a visit. Your face is fixed on hers once we are in her room, for her face is black and blue having tripped and fakkeb face first into the wall. Still you keep your cool, chat charmingly in perfect Greek, make us laugh the accidental comedian you are, then ask with grave politeness to ‘go home’.

The best I can do is go out into the communal lounge to play something, anything with you. We find picture dominoes and proceed to enjoy ourselves even when one resident with uncontrollable tremor of body and voice pleads for either of us to approach her. Me first, genuinely happy to donso, squeeze the lady’s shoulder and give her touch.

Next its your turn Kingsley and you approach her willingly and lovingly showing empathy and warmth, generosity and humour. She asks what school you attend (Coogee Public, you reply), she tells you she went to Kambala. You chat for some time…then the dominoes call for you!

By late afternoon Γιαγιά bids us farewell, she off home, we off to Eastgardens. And here we stay Elektra a terrific baby only whiny when her nappy needs changing.