14-08-16 Great Pregnancy

Sunday 14th August 2016

Today I am in reminiscing mode, thanks to Facebook which has created a memory trail for us users. Often the photos it’s algorithm provides are naff, and I chuckle then ignore. However today’s throwback images make me smile because they remind me of what a great pregnancy I had. In fact carrying the Seahorse was by far the best forty weeks of my life up till Seahorse was born and was anointed the King.

Our day spent at home was by any measure unremarkable: no visitors, no adventures, no extraordinary activities or games. Just the three of us till 1pm – JiaJia Dôra cooking; Kingsley nude in our attempts to toilet train him; me either feeding Kingsley or cleaning up after him or insisting he watch Greek cartoons only (daily struggle) – when Erroll came home from Seattle, his luggage bulging with gifts, groceries and treats for literally every one of us here.

For my wifely duties done well, Erroll brings me a glorious COACH tote in animal print. JiaJia Dôra receives Californian-made Kalamáta olives, Kingsley receives a set of cars, and our larder is filled with groceries from North American stores. Erroll can’t help himself – a pair of Nîke shoes for his collection.

By midnight we are still up, playful in bed, attempting to read to Kingsley Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Not much success in the gentle art of reading, as the boy is jumping about, rolling on us, and fiddling with his toys. Wouldn’t have it any other way, and haven’t since my great pregnancy three and a half years ago.


With new acquaintance made at The Atlantis, Palm. Both equally pregnant!


Cheeky romper today, in our apartment


Exactly 3 years ago, in my office, attending to the cravings