27-07-18 Pizza Party for Last Day of School

Friday 27th July 2018

We’ve been talking about this day for weeks: the preschool’s end-of-year pizza party. Its arrived! And Kingsley chose to wear canary yellow for the occasion.

This morning upon waking he knew straight away: ‘the pizza party is today, Mummà’, he alerts me, as if his daily requests around ‘when is the pizza party Mummà? In how many more days?…’ wasn’t enough to keep the bloody event of the year top of my mind!

Well we made it! After I swear three weeks of checking calendars, going through the days of the week and finally over the past few days actually counting down, Kingsley and I are downstairs on time and patiently waiting for the σχολικό to arrive.

And when it does, a bright Miss Oliya takes receipt of the child and everyone in the school bus bellows ‘today its a pizza party!’

Bon appetit, kids!