01-11-19 Kingsley: Last Day at School

Friday 1st November 2019

Another important event in the young life of our first born: finishing three weeks of intense greek schooling. Apart from speaking in English with his daddy and Pony (while she was here), speaking Greek predominantly has boosted Kingsley’s confidence and expanded his vernacular in the language. A boost was what he needed.

This morning the σχολικό arrives early – at 8am – however I still manage to feed our son his four eggs sunny side up and a bowl of pasta. We dress while watching Nickelodeon and since today there is the faintest breeze in the air (finally) he can wear sleeved. He is excited for school and bolts down to his σχολικό pulling up.

Miss Matina is all bright smiles and cuddles. He is adored and Kingsley in return is a delightful school student – here in Greece, at any rate! Down to the back of the (tiny) school bus he goes, always choosing the back of the bus. Miss Matina straps him in and I jump up and down waving like a lunatic to my son. Linus as he does so well smiles widely, waves at me then crinkles his eyes for mama.

Kingsley is at school today his last day till 5:30pm while we get back from Athens.