29-08-18 Warts

Wednesday 29th August 2018

Visit number 2 to the wonderful and thorough Dr. Λάμπρου. This time for two verruccas growing on Kingsley. No one likes to deal with head lice or warts or worms but these must be attended to. And Kingsley’s got two warts – one on the sole of his foot the other on the palm of his hand – which are, by hook or crook, coming off.

Hence the doctor visit this arvo. Kingsley is easy around her; no anxiety. In fact he’s eager to show where the strange skin growths are though would like her to know they’re probably ‘splinters’. She sagely agrees with the patient, dismisses him, he dismounts from the examination chair to scamper off into the waiting area which is a treasure trove of toys.

Tomorrow Erroll is due to arrive into Saronītha. We’re all very excited about our reunion. Kingsley can show his daddy the splinter warts (!!) and I’ll show off my big fat belly.