10-02-18 Oz Day 20

Saturday 10th February 2018

Lisa & Desi come over for a paddle, lunch and play. Their company together is magnificent and fun and so easy. First comes the pressies-a yawning, blinking, squirming puppy. Next comes pancakes and after that is pool time where the kids literally throw blue buckets of water on each other’s heads. Chocolate cornettos are next. Lisa Angela and I watch from the balcony as Kingsley gets nude and runs after Desi. We all head out after noontime for Bardon Park thrn Dolphon Street playgroun. Here for the first time Kingsley dares to have a go on the flying fox. Success! Even I have a go.

By 3 Anthony Theoharous pops over with gifts and booze. These two bond deeply with Greek chat then watching a YouTube of ‘To Peptikö Systima’ (the digestive system). Dora feeds him hard, Kingsley wants attention, its getting to 6:15pm so we run about the front yard taking selfies then Dora sings a song and we have a dance.