Kingsley: 17-12-13 Its a Boy!

I had no idea that the big bebe I was carry around for over 9 months was – is – a boy. Not until Dr. Jozse held the newborn up in his arms, over his head, Lion King styles, at precisely 10:05PM on the 7th December 2013, and heralded his arrival with a hearty “congratulations on your baby boy” in his thick Austrian accent, did I know. For before this moment I did not want to know our bebe’s gender.

What I wanted was a surprise. And our darling cutie sure surprised me, in his beauty, his fine features, his glorious golden downy skin and delicious smell. Moreover, I surprised even myself with how quickly and easily I came to love and adore our little man. Our son.

Vicki Anne Aliki Kingsley

Aunties Vicki and Anne visit the new baby boy Kingsley Charles Hartley when 2 days young, City Hospital, Dubai.

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